Coronavirus Information

Our business is structured for pick up and deliveries, so we are still servicing the Gold Coast during this uncertain time of the COVID-19 outbreak. This will stay in place until the government decides otherwise. Our action is to employ all usual measures as per the food safety standards, this includes washing hands regularly, use of disposable gloves and sanitisers. During any lock down periods, our service will be reduced and your order will only be handled by one person, thus reducing the risk of any contamination. The driver will regularly wipe down their steering wheel, keys, gear stick, parking brake, radio, door handle, phone etc. with sanitiser/ antibacterial spray. The driver will also have had sanitized their hands prior to picking up product or will be wearing disposable gloves.

Please call Mark on 5591 7313 if you have any concerns.

Wishing you good health during this uncertain time.