To make your online order, please select an item/ items you would like to purchase and then click on the button “add to cart”. If you require a quantity of the same item, you can either click onto the highlighted product name to open up the next page to add your quanity, or you can go to the top of the page and click on the “shopping cart” button to alter the quantity of your chosen product. When clicking on the “shopping cart” button, you can make any changes to the items you have added to the cart, here you can either alter the quantity and then clicking on the blue arrow symbol to refresh your order, or clicking onto the red cross button if you wish to delete any items from the shopping cart. Repeat the “add to cart” process for each item you require, then go to the checkout, which is also at the top of the page and fill in your details.

During the checkout process there will be an option to choose pick up or delivery, as long as you include the postcode and your order is above $40, the delivery option will be offered. There is also a section to include the date you would like your order to be made for, and a comments section for if you would like to add any other details to your order.  If you happen to get a blank page after submitting the order, please refresh the page so that you are redirrected to the confirmation page.

If you require same day delivery or delivery for orders under $40, you will need contact us first to make sure it is possible for us to make your order. Same day deliveries are made through a third party personalised courier service called Sherpa. You will need to make a pickup up booking from our kitchen in Southport through Sherpa’s online service (click here) and your order can be delivered within 2 hours depending on which service you would like. Please use their website to work out delivery costs.

If there is no price beside the item, you will need to contact us by email or phone 07 5591 7313 to get instructions on how to place your order. The reason for having no price beside some items, is that these items require time to make and can’t be made at short notice. All other items with prices can be ordered online the day before, though we do appreciate if orders can be made further in advance as we do get busy especially on Fridays and Saturdays.

Please call us if you are experiencing any difficulty and thank you for wanting to palce an order with us.