Courtney Barker

The cake looked beautiful thank you, turned out exactly how I pictured it 🙂

Unfortunately my husband and I didn’t get to try our cupcakes, well I got to eat half a mocha one on the wedding night before having to put it down to have the first dance and everyone must have thought they were awesome cos when I went back there were none left 🙁 Everyone said they were amazing though, so we are happy, we just wish we could have enjoyed them ourselves 🙂

Cupcakes for any occasion!

Pickup at Southport 4215

Free pickup from our kitchen in Southport . . Mon-Fri 8.30-5.30. Sat 9-12pm. Closed Sunday
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Delivery available for orders over $40 (+delivery charge)

Sorry we cannot offer free delivery. Click here to see estimated delivery cost and areas
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24-48 Hr Notice Req.

Gourmet cupcakes, order before 4pm for next day. 24 hrs for standard orders, 48 hrs for custom made orders. See some 'Best Sellers" above for next day deliveries/ pick ups
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